25 October 2012

Setting blocks - To the Point

Blocks on point.

Works with blocks up to 7" square
Uses the Hunter's Star 12" collection, AND the Hunter's Star 9" collection (for the triangle)

Cheat-sheet for the setting for one 6" block (finished size)

 Log-cabin the block (if necessary, see picture in yesterday's post.

Trim down to (unfinished size) 8,25" square

For the following : DO NOT sew into the seam-allowance at the corners. Stop at the cross-hair.

Add a trapezoid shape to one of the (shorter) edges of the triangle, so that the angled side of the trapezoid flushes with the angled side of the triangle

Add another trapezoid-shape to the other (shorter) edge of the triangle.
Again : The angled side of the trapezoid should flush with the angled side of the triangle, once it is pieced and pressed.

Join the angled edges at the 'top' of the triangle.

Make 4 identical pieced triangles

Add the corners to the log-cabined block.


And Finished.