28 December 2011

Opinionated Opinions

It is - and has been so far - a very quiet week between Christmas and New Years, which means, that I have time to sit and stitch ... and to think.
And I've decided that I will - occasionally - use this blog to state an opinion.
Don't worry, I'll call them 'Opinionated Opinions' (because they are), and you can just ignore'em when you see'em :-D

ANYway: Ever since the debacle back in August, where we who stitch, knit, bake, sew and blog about it were mightily put out, the whole feminist issue has been (occasionally) tumbling around in my little head.
And frankly, I don't get it.
No. Really. I do not get it.
What is it about traditional female pursuits (and the women who pursue them) that makes ... let's call them neo-feminists so angry?

Back in the hoary dark ages of my youth (we're talking the 1970es and 80es here), I remember women taking up the traditional crafts of womanhood, and turning them into feminist weapons, precisely because they were traditional crafts of womanhood.

We knit, certainly, but we knit what we want, not what 'the (male) world' wants us to.
We sew, certainly, but not the clothes 'the (male) world' would like us to.

So, here's the conundrum :
How come it is suspect, self-repressive and downright despicable that I knit, quilt and embroider, whereas a male textile artist like Kaffe Fassett is admirable when he does the same? And don't get me wrong, I think Kaffe Fasset is quite the bee's knees, it just ticks me off mightily, that when he does it, it's laudable, when I do, it's ... despicable and/or ridiculous.

How come, that my attempts at making tasty, well-balanced and cheap meals for myself and my family is a suspect, self-repressive pursuit, whereas the experiments of Rene Redzepi are laudable?

If we're talking feminine self-repression, denying me the right, the joy and the ownership of traditional female pursuits, while lauding the male take-over is anti-feminist in the extreme.

So, please, tell me again : Why are (traditionally) female pursuits not part of feminism any longer? Why is it, that the crafts/wo/manship of the (usually) textile kind is not appreciated? To a degree where it is ridiculed and dismissed?



Chookyblue...... said...

i'm with you I don't think we applaud the skills women have or have kept going........they are not treasured enough.........

I have a friend who when she does a "i'm having my say about something" post she calls them "cow posts" lol........

Jacqui's Quilts said...

I'm totally with you!! We're the ones who are having fun and they're missing out :-). My philosophy is "to each his/her own". I take out garbage, my husband does dishes...we just complement each other and I, frankly, don't need to prove myself by doing so called men's work. I do it if it needs to be done and my husband has been known to sew his own buttons on.

BTW, my grandsons totally LOVE sewing on our hand crank antique sewing machines.

Do you feel better now that you have that off your chest LOL?

Jacqui in Canada

martha said...

:) I too am a knitting quilting baking feminist woman who does men's work. hheehee

Anonymous said...

I don't remember what happened in August but I am here to tell you that I agree with every word and question you have put forth. I believe the women that don't create are really missing out on some very soul satisfying hobbies (for lack of a better term). To each his own but leave me and my love alone.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you and every other person who has left a comment so far!
And I see nothing wrong with the occasional rant, or opinionated opinion, posted on one's blog. :O)

Connie said...

I, too, agree wholeheartedly. Now, I am not a fan of Paula Dean's cuisine, but I also harbor no adverse feelings for her at all. What a wonderful business she built up from nothing! But just the other day I heard that the far-left blogosphere was bashing her to pieces! This is yet another conundrum: Why is it that "liberals" (women and men), who place themselves at the forefront of women's rights, so vehemently attack a woman's right to knit, quilt, crochet, cook, etc.,? I'm not trying to get political... I am just wondering why the ones who like to take most of the credit for advocacy and the advancement of "feminism," (selectively) attack women in the most vicious and vile manner? I'll never be able to figure that one out!

Connie (a proud bra-burner from the 60's & 70's)

Camilla said...

What I see here is a lot of sympathy, well deserved, but the question has still not been answered... Why the vitriol toward women who "choose" to continue uplifting those arts traditionally considered women's work and men, who do so, are praised?... and what I see is a failure to see the obvious... These rants are not about choice... it is about control...Power... Choice is not an option UNLESS it is their option... The feminist view is that we women have been "liberated" and should "want" to take over those outside jobs formally held by men... let them be the slaves "we" will bring home the bacon... (never mind that there have always been tailors and chefs and designers and butlers and etc all through the ages that were men.)... BUT we who choose to follow our hearts and our art prove that we are the one who are truly independent... We can be and do what we want and be successful, answering to no one else but our muse...we do not fit the mold and as such are a threat to all the "feminists" stand for...We do not need to be Rosie the Riveter or GI Jane or even Super Mom to prove our worth...we have our skills, honed over the generations by family traditions or newly found through a mentor and we are happy as cook, quilter, seamstress, etc... We don't need anyone to tell us how to be happy...We have nothing to prove and everything to show and that ladies, is true power!

Camilla (b. 1950 - Yep, Also know all about the 60's/70's... Never burned my bra... but sure lost it...LOL)