17 September 2011

... hanging on the wall

(sung to the tune of "Ten Green Bottles")
9 Sunflowers, hanging on the wall
9 Sunflowers, hanging on the wall ...

Picture is a bit dark, they are brighter in real life, but they are up there on the wall, brightening my play-room every day. And I think this is a case, where more is more. Don't you ?
And I've been looking into background-fabrics. A (little) while back, I ordered some F/4s and found what I believe is 'that perfect blue' for setting them. Sadly, it is a batik from ... ooooh ... 2005 (? I think), and I thought it was no longer available anywhere in the world.
So, I asked on a list, and someone found it at the Blue Bamboo on-line shop ... only - sadly - it turned out to be sold out. At the Hingeley Road quiltshop, all but a F/4 was sold out too.
SO, Google didn't return any useable results; quiltshops.com didn't return any useable results; eBay didn't return any useable results.
So this is my last ditch effort. The fabric is an (ancient) Hoffman batik; E137 Sea Breeze, and looks like this :

The above is a F/8 of the fabric, and the dark splashes are coppery, not really brown or red. Anyone ? I need (at least) 3.5 yards.


Hanne said...

I have been looking around in Norwegian online shops, but can not find what you are looking for.
I do however know about 1 shop that might have your fabric, as it is well stocked on batiks. It does not have a web shop anymore, but you might try sending her a mail.

Laura said...

I cannot help with the blue batik. I just had to tell you that I love your sunflowers!

Laurie said...

Hi Tilde. Are you a member of the yahoo group "sewitsforsale"? It's quilters around the world (mostly US though) who have items for sale, be it fabrics, books, etc. I'm sure someone would have some of that in their stash.

I'll post it on a couple groups I'm in and see if I can get any results.

Ida said...

Have you contacted the shop in Wytheville, VA -- Batiks Etcetera & Sew What Fabrics

They have a STORE full of batiks (and some other stuff .. but tonnes of lovely batiks!)