26 April 2010

Klosjes / Spools

This post seems to be a bit of a sales-pitch, and it might well be. But that is only because I really, seriously consider the below to be the best possible advice I can give anyone. And no, I don't have any kind of economic interest in Inklingo ... unfortunately :-)

Spools seem to be all the rage on the net at the moment, and I've seen quite a few people who have bought the Cindy Blackberg stamp-set ... which seems very nice, but will cost you 32 US $ + postage.

I, on the other hand, am doing spools with Inklingo. All the necessary bits are in the Lucy Boston POTC collection, and that is only 30 $, and no postage, since it is downloadable. Once you have registered and bought it, you can download it and be stitching in about 30 minutes.

... and no, you don't need any special equipment. A normal (cheap) inkjet printer, an internet connection, Adobe Reader (which is free), fabric, freezer-paper, iron, needle and thread.
If you're a bit iffy about printing with Inklingo on fabric, I suggest that you go to Linda Franz's Quick Start guide, order some of the free stuff (you need to register to get it, but Linda is one of the good guys)

And no, Inklingo will not ruin your printer. I've been printing with Inklingo for many years now, and have had the same printer all the time, and it still works ! so ...
IF you are doing Klosjes / Spools blocks, consider the cheaper solution .... and get the templates for a truly amazing quilt as well.

... oh, and there are directions on how to make the block/s over at the Inklingo Sampler blog.


Joan said...

Great blog article Tilde...its reads well !

Mary Ann said...

Hi there, Tilde!
Ah, I read your post too late!
I just ordered the stamps! :o)
Have to get started on these lovely little klosjes!!!
Hope all is well with you!
Ha' en god aften!