03 June 2008

Finally sending off !

Right after posting the winners of the Inklingo give-away, I got work, and have - literally - been working every day since. Today is my first chance at mailing anything, or - indeed - posting here.

SO, the 4 of you who have sent me your snail-mail addy : Your muslin-bits are on their way !
The rest of you : why didn't you contact me ?

There is still time :-) I still have plenty of muslin hanging around here :-) needing to be used :-)

And, as you can see, no comments with street-addresses have been published on my blog, so ... don't be afraid. I won't tell the world where you live :-)


Wenche said...

Inklingo looks fun to do, I have got a demoCD,Hanne got it from Linda when she went over the big pond........

klem fra Wenche i Ă…lesund

Nadine said...

Yes, why don't they do it ? :>)

Too bad I hadn't noticed your generous giveaway, I would certainly have tried my luck !

Actually I'm considering having a go on the Inklingo, as my next project will be .... totally "insane" :>) (have you heard about that hexagons Insanity" quilt ?).

Oh well, next time for sure !

Smiles to you,

Marianne said...

Mine arrived! Thank you so much!

Marianne in Vermont